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What is better than a Year of Worship?


Why does God ask us to Worship Him? Is he in need of our prayers?

The only reason God wants us to pray & worship Him, is so that we become better human beings.

Worship is a process to meditate on God’s divine attributes of Truth, Justice, Compassion & Forgiveness, and then imbibe them so that we begin to reflect these attributes in ourselves.

In doing so, our actions become in line with being Just, Forgiving and Compassionate.

If we only pray & don’t do anything to improve ourselves and the world around us, then as the Prophet said…

“A Moment of Justice is better than A Year of Worship”


Making Peace with Problems


“Don’t tell God How big your problems are. Tell your problems how big God is” ~Anonymous.

Everyday we struggle hard to try to get rid of problems.

But we’ve also lived long enough to realize that problems are a part of life.

Infact before old problems get resolved, they’ll replaced by new ones.

Perhaps the worst thing is that problems gives us stress!

Is there a way to deal problems without getting stressed? Here’s how, but before that a story.

Messing up a negotiation

Early 2012, I was in an discussion to negotiate signing an important contract. And I did very bad, and I mean really badly. The other party used every trick in the book & I fell for it.

At the end of it I felt so stupid, and began these stressful thoughts were occupying my mind for the next several days.

“How could I have been so stupid?”
“Why did this happen to me”

Luckily the discussions didn’t conclude and there was going to be a 2nd meeting. Between the first & second meeting, I began devouring all the books & MP3s I had on negotiationg.

During the 2nd and final meeting, I was able to turn the tables around. I not only got what I had in mind but was also able to keep the other party happy.


Looking back I realize that goofing up on the first meeting became a catalyst for me to learn a new skill. Had I not learnt I’ll probably remain dumb and end making bigger mistakes.

How to get rid of the Stress from problems

Just like in my experience above, every problem presents to us a hidden opportunity. The secret to removing the stress is to look at problems as an opportunity.

I admire the people who are able to deal with problems so well. They don’t get frustrated.

They have a sense of calm & then do what’s necessary. There’s one thing common with them, is that they look at problems as opportunities.

So when you’re faced with a problem, ask yourself this Question to find the hidden opportunity:

“How can this problem help me Grow?”

The growth can be Physical, Spiritual, Intellectual or Emotional

Let’s apply this question to common problems:

I’m getting frustrated with the traffic jam
“How can this problem help me Grow?”
I can listen to something on my iPod. I can practice patience, breathing & being in the present moment.

I have a very demanding boss
“How can this problem help me Grow?”
Working with a demanding boss will help me come out of my comfort zones.

I’ve got so much to do! I can’t handle it.
“How can this problem help me Grow?”
It’s an opportunity to re-look at my priorities, and focus on what is most important.

My Spouse is frustrating me
“How can this problem help me Grow?”
It’s a sign that I need to have a more deeper dialogue & meaningful discussions so that our relationship is more fulfilling.

I’m gaining weight
“How can this problem help me Grow?”
A sign that my eating habits need to change. An opportunity to get into a fitness regime where you maintain your health & self esteem.

The next time you face a problem, instead of complaining in side, talk back to it and say “How can I grow today?” :-)

Do you feel lazy about giving Charity?


When giving Charity to you feel your hands getting heavy?

Do you get thoughts like these:

  • “Is this beggar for real?”
  • “Why should I give, there are so many other people”
  • “This is the Govt’s job”
  • “I have my own needs to take care of, I’ll become poor of I give”

I don’t know about you, but it happens to me.

I realise this thought comes when the intention of giving charity is not clear in mind.

Why to people give Charity?

Sounds like a silly question. Most people think giving Charity is to help other people.

And it’s true.  Charity helps other people.  But that’s not the primary purpose.

Giving Charity is to help ourselves.  To help us grow spiritually, and gain God’s pleasure.

And there’s no better wealth than this.

By no means shall you attain to righteousness until you spend (benevolently) out of what you love. Quran (3:92)

By being more intentional about giving, it helps both the receiver and the giver.

The next time you have an opportunity to give, try being more intentional about it.  It really works!