Photos & Press Coverage at Comic Con India Delhi 2013

Thank you Comic Con India & Delhiites for making the event a success. All our books got sold out by 5pm Sunday, now I’m wishing we had brought more books!

The lucky ones got their books sketched by the Artist Rahil Mohsin. Have a look at the photographs & Press Coverage below.

Sufi Comics at Comic-Con Express Mumbai: Photos & Press

Since the time I’ve been working on Sufi Comics, I’ve been reading about Comic-Con conventions that take place in the US and Europe.  I used think how great it would be to have a Comic-Con in India, to showcase Indian comics that are unique in their own right.

Then earlier this year to my surprise I read in the papers that India organized their first Comic-Con in Delhi, and the next one was coming up in Mumbai.  In a way the timing was perfect ’cause “40 Sufi Comics” had just gotten released.  Arif didn’t waste any time in booking a stall and in Oct of 2011 we found ourselves behind a stall in Comic-Con Mumbai promoting “40 Sufi Comics”. It was a wonderful opportunity to meet Comic Artists & enthusiasts around the world.

Just by the sheer number of footfalls at the convention, one could see the rise in demand for Comics and Graphic Novels.  Comics are a very powerful medium and instead of just mere entertainment, I hope they are used for spreading positive messages to tackle the social issues our World faces.

“40 Sufi Comics” received a very warm welcome from visitors and the media. Our books got sold out, and many expressed their interest in future volumes.  We’re looking forward to participate in Comic-Con 2012!  Press clippings & Photographs below:

DNA – Mumbai
Hindustan Times – Mumbai
Marathi Paper – Mumbai


40 Sufi Comics in the Media

In the last few month, the 40 Sufi Comics book was reviewed in the Media (Newspapers & Blogs). Thank you to all of you who took out the time! If any of you would like to write a review of the book on your Website or Print Media, get in touch with us with your address and we’ll ship you a free copy of the book anywhere in the World.


IBN-TV, Dar Es Salaam, Tanzania did a talkshow on Sufi Comics


Print Media

Marathi Newspaper Mumbai

Hindustan Times – Mumbai

DNA – Mumbai

Mid-day – Mumbai


The Hindu (Using Comics to explain Islam)


The Indian Express (Breaking the ice through comics)


Islamic Voice (Sufi Wisdom served with great elan)

Deccan Chronicle (Dervish duo’s comic relief)

Hindustan Times (Sufi stories in comic format)


Online Media

“Comics and graphic novels have come a long way. Once seen in India as a clever ploy to make children read history and mythology, it is now viewed as one of the coolest literary forms there is, with a steady following amongst the old and the young. Taking the form a step ahead, Bangalore based brothers Mohammed Ali Vakil and Mohammed Arif Vakil have complied 40 comic strips, titled 40 Sufi Comics, in the form of a book that visually depicts the teachings of Islam.”  Sufi Comics trying to help people understand Islam by Shweta Sharma

“Graphic novels have a cult-like following from the very young, to the academically wise. Who knew they could teach you spiritual, or Islamic life lessons?” Behind 40 Sufi Comics – India’s Muslim Blogging Brothers by Zaufishan Iqbal

“The art was beautiful, so the teachings. Each story taught a moral value, and had verses from the Qur’an and traditions with special notes from the artist. 40 Sufi Comics is actually a collection of illustrated eternal truths of life.” – Comic Addicts: Sufi Comics by Nishkarsh Chugh

“One of the great beauties of this work is its suitability for all audiences and ages. An 8-year-old child, a 55-year-old adult, or an open-minded non-Muslim – indeed almost anyone – will enjoy and benefit from this material.” – Islamic Insights: Sufi Comics Book Review by Diana Beatty

“The subjects that they have chosen include Love, Knowledge, Ethics, Spirituality, Mother, Prayer, God et al. Alongside, there are translations of relevant verses from the Quran and quotes from the Prophet and other teachers.” – Citizen News: Philosophy can be fun by Pushpa Achanta

“A short comic is a preferable medium these days for many to read and assimilate new subjects. One can go back to it as often as one wants because they are not boring, They convey esoteric philosophy in simple language and cartoons without compromising on content or quality.” – ChummaChumma: 40 Sufi Comics by Gopal S.



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