Announcing our Giveaway Winners and View the Prizes

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The time has come to finally announce the lucky winners of our first ever Giveaway!

A big thank you to all who those who entered!

It was interesting to read all your insightful and inspirational Sufi Comic Reflections, from the inspired transcendental dish-washing experiences to the epiphany of playing a pivotal role in society. From Pakistan, Malaysia to the USA, you all had something different to say!

It was a tough decision, but here are our 5 winning  Sufi Comic Reflections.

The Winners

Mother by Neda Hasni

“Unconditional, filled with sacrifice, far beyond defining, one can never be thankful enough and understand the depth of a mothers love… The above Sufi Comic reminds us of how much a mother does for her child and her importance in Islam.”

A visit to Hell by Maya Soden

“The stories of Bahlool are insightful and profound. For me they hold a special relevance living in the West…This is a perfect illustration of the theological concept of the embodiment of deeds that will occur in the next life.”

Positive Thinking by Zakariya Ali

“In a simple yet powerful illustration,  “Positive Thinking” highlights that the power of one’s mind, the power of one’s faith, and the power of one’s perserverance,  is the determining factor of one’s reaction and/or solution to a problem.”

Is the World an Evil place?  by Shahirah Elaiza

“I will never forget these words someone once told me, “Remember to practice gratitude.”
“And remember, if you don’t like something, change it. If you can’t change it, change your attitude.””

Why doesn’t God do something? by Kiran Ashraf

“…It made me connect to different volunteer groups and with them I had a chance to become witness of ordeals people go through every day. To be honest, it’s really easy for us to just talk about them or sympathize but once you get to see that with your own eyes, you won’t stop crying.”

The Prizes

All our winners had their names styled in stunning calligraphy by India’s finest, Muqtar Ahmed, and signed copies of Sufi Comics books. Here they are below, aren’t they just beautiful?


Giveaway Winner: Neda Hasni


Giveaway Winner: Maya Soden (Allahu Hasbi)


Giveaway Winner: Zakariya Ali


Giveaway Winner: Shahirah Elaiza


Giveaway Winner: Kiran Ashraf

More Great Entries

We received other great entries. Again, thank you all for taking part! Be sure to check out the Sufi Comics that people are reflecting on, including the popular: “The Headache” and “Why doesn’t God do something?. Here are some snippets of your reflections…

The Headache by Eman Eid

“This comic made me realize how great our life really is. What we don’t realise is that some people are less fortunate than we are, and might not even have clothes on their back, or food to eat, or even a book to read. We are showered with treasures and only crave more.”

Why doesn’t God to something? by Mariam Jan

“This got me thinking. What have I done to help out, or improve society? What have I done to make the world a better place? Using the resources that God has given us, our hands, our minds, and our hearts for a good cause can definitely put out out a positive energy.”

Do you have any thoughts on a  Sufi Comic or Sufi Sketch? Were you touched and/or inspired? Why not share your thoughts and get published on our blog? Go to: Write For Us 


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