Good Manners melt a Hard Heart

by | Mar 30, 2009 | Sufi Comics | 3 comments

I recall this anecdote whenever someone is rude. The simplicity and clarity Imam’s response is a practical example for us on how we should respond in similar situations. More about Imam Al-Baqir


  1. Salams, Arif and Ali,

    Eyvallah! May Allah send his blessings on Imam al-Baqir

  2. Nice postI’m a bit of a late bloomer when it comes to reading comics.

  3. Masha Allah this changed my heart my bless you all.



  1. Anger begins with Madness and... - […] patience when angry requires a change in mindset. I’ve talked about it in these comics Good Manners Melt a Hard…

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