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Hijab of the Eyes

Sufi Comics: Hijab of the Eyes
Sufi Comics: Hijab of the Eyes

We live in a world where modern man is seen as nothing more than a glorified animal whose purpose is to maximize his sensory & sensual pleasures. It’s a world where we’re constantly bombarded with images of sexuality, and lowering the Gaze has become uncool.

Is “seeing” nothing more than processing of photon particles? Is beauty only in the external world of form? The External world is just a tiny reflection of Real beauty. Real beauty lies is in recognition of the formless.

To recognize Real Beauty, one should be careful of what they see ’cause the Eye is a window to the Soul. What we see changes who we are, and who we are reflects what we choose to see.

There is nothing more gainful than lowering one’s gaze, for the sight is not lowered from things, which Allah has forbidden unless the witnessing of majesty and glory has already come to the heart.” ~ Imam Jafar Al-Sadiq (as).

Mohammed Ali Vakil


Neetu S. Dutt

Your comics are simply amazing. So is your presentation and your message. Watching you guys talk like that with all that energy in today’s event, it was hard to believe you were fasting. Keep up the classy work, guys!

A humble fan


Dear Neetu, Thank you for your kind comments and feedback! We’re glad you could make it to the Session 🙂

Kaneez Zehra

The gaze is our own censor, we can use it judiciously to ensure our own well being as well as those around us. It is simply too little to say we feel this or that, understand this or that, believe this or that. We need to bring action to all this feeling belief and understanding. The purdah of nazar is of course the basis of a most gentle tehzeeb — one we see too little of these days…yet it is alive. It will grow only if we value it and nurture it.

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