How and Where is God?

by | Oct 27, 2009 | Sufi Comics | 7 comments

This time’s comic is done in color. It is a dialog Imam Ridha has with an Atheist. This is just an excerpt, the actual discussion is much longer.


  1. Great work! One of the best I’ve seen so far in Sufi Comics. Way to go!

  2. Thanks Rizwan 🙂 appreciate your feedback!

  3. Mohammed Ali
    I love the comics created by anyone as many a cartoon like fiction has come out from the real cause , reason, logic, personality and thinking what to give the future generation without losing ourselves as the West is after the Muslim so is Osam while he kiils Shias ans Sunnis and calls himself fighting dor the good cause of Isalm. It is all the West hiring him to divide the Middle Eat and Rule . We have pea sized brain and are too lazy to look at these with open eyes
    I thank you
    Firozali A Mulla DBA

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  5. Salaams Ali and Arif,

    Pls could you send me a larger version of this comic – I came across it in the link for today’s latest comic 🙂

    Jazak Allah!


    • Salaams,
      Just sent to you a larger version.

  6. I thank you with my sight can you draw the picture a wee big Thank you
    Firozali A Mulla DBA


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