The Headache

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Sufi Comics - The Headache

Sufi Comics – The Headache

Do you know people who always complain?  Whenever I hear someone complain, this story of Rabia Al-Basri comes to mind.

There was a time I used to think that if you’re complaining all the time, you must be “smart”.

Because if you’re complaining you know what’s wrong with the world and implying you know how to fix its problems.

But over time I realized the habit of complaining rarely fixes problems.  Instead it only creates more unhappiness not only for us, but also those around us.

What we’re really looking for is contentment, and the secret of it lies in being grateful.

There are so many things to be grateful about that we take for granted. Our family, friends, our health, the food that we eat.

Don’t let the simplicity of this act deceive you to think that it’s not worth doing.

It’s a practice I often struggle with myself.  But the more I practice gratitude, the better my life becomes.

Being grateful for what we have gives focus on what is going right in our lives, and helps to maintain perspective when we face challenges.


  1. Buhat umda!

  2. Amazing work!

  3. Amazing reminder masha Allah! Reminds us that we always take for granted Allah’s blessings!

  4. Beautiful!

  5. And with the great wisdom of this message, the man’s headache disappeared, right? My question to the writer is, why did Allah provide us medicine (herbal and techological) if we are not to consider the possibilities of curing our ailments? These fables keeps the masses looking in a direction that does not resolve the issues at hand.

    • Br Daayiee,

      Nowhere does it say that we shouldn’t take medicines for our headaches, nor does Islam teach us to avoid science or medicine. On the contrary, the lesson here is that we shouldn’t complain loudly to other humans when misfortune strikes us. Our prayers should be directed at Allah, and we are encouraged to complain to Allah directly. And the second lesson is that we should always remind ourselves of the countless gifts God bestows on us, every second of our lives.

      • Kunfayakun, it appears we’re in agreement on several aspects, but the cartoon presents what it presents…in its very simplistic format. The human on human judgment “a little headache” as if the person suffering is a child, rather than a person seeking relief by going to a medical person of his time for further diagnosis. Let’s not forget the historical time and place the cartoonist selected to present the story–as the headache could arise as a symptom of a more serious ailment of the mind or body. The cartoonist knew to what audience they wanted to present his views…just doesn’t work for everyone. Salaam.

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  7. Amazing!!!!!

  8. Read this from Farah



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