The Sweetness of Prayer

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Sweetness of Prayer

Sweetness of Prayer

One of the earliest Sufi Comics we did was The Piety of Abu Dhar.

A friend had heard that that the companion of the Prophet Abu Dhar al-Ghafari had spent the whole night in the position of ruku (or genuflection).

Shocked the friend asked Abu Dhar how could he have performed ruku for so long.

Didn’t his back hurt?

Abu Dhar al Ghafari sighed and said to himself, no not at all. In fact, it wasn’t the ruku that was long, but it was the night that was short.

Ah, to taste sweetness in prayer.

To perform the spiritual “miraj” (Accession to Heavens) and truly pray as if we are in His company, conversing with Him.

Fortunate are those who have experienced glimpses of nearness to the Almighty.

When the soul is empty of everything except the Greatness of the Lord and the meekness of himself.

The “Sweetness of Prayer” is a lovely comic that gives some indication as to what could be ailing in us to reach the status of the noble, Abu Dhar al-Ghaffari.

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