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Food for Thought

I love this saying because it’s deep and many meanings can be derived from it. One of them is that of Humility. Man has a tendancy to become proud of himself. He begins to think all that he’s achieved is because of his own doing. This pride blinds him from his own weakness and he forgets that all his abilities & creativity has originated from the Creator.

As we contemplate on our humble beginning and towards our end, we will find humility arising inside us, and we’ll naturally start giving credit to the One who created us.


During pre-Islamic Arabia, the Arabs were so ashamed of having daughters, that they would bury their new born daughters alive. The above is an example of how the Prophet of Islam changed the attitudes of the people during that time & emphasized the importance of the role of women in society.

One would have thought that after centuries of progress mankind would have matured enough to realise the role that the women plays is critical for a healthy society. Yet in many places around the world, the role of the women is still seen as inferior. This has resulted in an alarming rate of female fetuses being aborted. We need to introspect our attitudes and culture, because a society that does not value their women, will always be limited in their growth.