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Do you feel lazy about giving Charity?


When giving Charity to you feel your hands getting heavy?

Do you get thoughts like these:

  • “Is this beggar for real?”
  • “Why should I give, there are so many other people”
  • “This is the Govt’s job”
  • “I have my own needs to take care of, I’ll become poor of I give”

I don’t know about you, but it happens to me.

I realise this thought comes when the intention of giving charity is not clear in mind.

Why to people give Charity?

Sounds like a silly question. Most people think giving Charity is to help other people.

And it’s true.  Charity helps other people.  But that’s not the primary purpose.

Giving Charity is to help ourselves.  To help us grow spiritually, and gain God’s pleasure.

And there’s no better wealth than this.

By no means shall you attain to righteousness until you spend (benevolently) out of what you love. Quran (3:92)

By being more intentional about giving, it helps both the receiver and the giver.

The next time you have an opportunity to give, try being more intentional about it.  It really works!

Something’s Fishy at Sufi Comics

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In Search of Water-3


I first heard this story in one of the lectures of Sheikh Arif.  What a beautiful story.  Since then I have quoted it often in conversations and speeches.  It explains so well the  Omnipresence of the Creator.

Truly if God is present everywhere, the questions “Where is God?” and “How is God?” are faulty questions.  As Imam Ridha responded, “He determined the “Where” and fashioned the “How”.  He was, when there was no “where” and no “how”.  He is not known through sense perceptions.    He has no body & no abode. He is the Hidden & the Manifest, the Distant & the Near.  Eyes cannot see Him but He is visible…to our heart & mind.”