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What is Knowledge? – The Prophet’s Answer in 5 Steps

In today’s world we are bombarded with content from all sides. Email, Facebook, Phonecalls, SMS, Whatsapp and the list goes on and on!

Isn’t it overwhelming? It’s almost as if we are being drenched by a torrential downpour of information.

Even if we set aside the ‘unessential’ social media posts and tweets, there is an over-abundance of potentially useful insights, impressions and take-aways from Online Lectures, TED Talks, e-books and podcasts.

It forces us to ask: How we can translate all this information into knowledge that we & others can benefit from?

We often think that reading books & hearing lectures will make us a “knowledgeable” person.

But that is not sufficient.

Reading & hearing constitute step one of the journey of  acquiring knowledge. If we only consume & do not implement or internalize, we’ll end up becoming an arm-chair intellectual, someone who can talk, but can’t generate results by taking appropriate action!

Infact God says in the Qur’an “It is most hateful to Allah that you should say that which you do not do.” (61:3)

5 Steps to Acquire True Knowledge

So how does one go about acquiring ‘true’ knowledge?

Someone once asked the Prophet, “What is Knowledge?”

And He broke down the process of understanding & acquiring it into 5 simple steps. You can enjoy the pearls of his wisdom through this comic:


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Announcing: Our next Sufi Comic Book

Rumi Inner Peace

Sufi Comics – Rumi, the first of its kind to illustrate the poems of Rumi in graphic form.

Our wonderful readers have written fantastic reviews on Amazon, blogs, and newspapers, and we’ve received great feedback giving us some new food for thought.

Here are some of those reviews:

Rumi on Colours of My Life

Review and Interview on Positive Provocations

Rumi the Persian poet’s life and verses get the comic-book treatment on The National

Sufi Comics Rumi by Dr. Kristian Petersen.

To everyone who has enjoyed reading Sufi Comics – Rumi

We’re pleased to announce that we’re working on the second volume!

And guess what? We’re now  nearly halfway in its completion. The stories have been shortlisted, the storyboards completed, and we are well underway with completing the penciling, inking and coloring of the comics.

We’ll be launching Rumi volume 2 at Comic Con Delhi 2015.

New techniques and art styles

These are the titles of some of the stories we’re covering.

  • Moses & the shepherd
  • Keep your heart awake
  • All through the night God is calling us
  • Fasting

Our artist Rahil is really pouring his heart out to make this book even better and more exquisite than before.

His designs are so much more intricate and his art even more detailed in this volume.  I really look forward to share Rahil’s art work & process in future posts.

Watch this space for sneak peeks and updates!

Photos from Comic Con Bangalore 2015

We were at Comic Con Bangalore 2015, where we got a chance to share the books with a whole lot of new people! Take a look at the photos below:

2015-04-05 16.18.39
2015-04-05 16.24.09-s
2015-04-05 16.32.37
2015-04-05 18.16.18
2015-04-03 12.10.17
2015-04-03 16.01.26
2015-04-04 12.31.37
2015-04-05 14.54.07
2015-04-05 15.34.03
2015-04-05 15.34.33
2015-04-05 16.17.11