๐Ÿ‘Œ You’re Perfect

As spiritual seekers, we’re always looking for a way to become better.

  • Instead of operating from fear, we want to operate from a place of abundance
  • Instead of feeling pain we want to experience bliss
  • Instead of feeling separate from God, we want to get closer to God

Inherent in that approach is the feeling that we are not perfect, and we’re on this infinite journey towards perfection.

However, that perspective is not always helpful.

It’s not wrong, because that’s how the time-trapped ego looks at the world ie a linear fashion where things need to move from imperfection to perfection.

As spiritual seekers, it’s more helpful to bring our awareness to the reality the world is perfect. God is perfect, and a perfect God can only create a perfect world.

The ego is a temporary identity to function in this physical world but is not our true self.

Our true self in a sense is already perfect. And the journey is from perfection to perfection.

That can be difficult for the mind to grasp.

Let’s explore what we mean by we’re moving from perfection to perfection

Take a look at a rose. At every stage it’s perfect.

  • seed
  • bud
  • flowering
  • withers away
  • dying

There’s nothing wrong with it when it’s a seed, and nothing wrong when it’s dying. It doesn’t need “fixing” at any stage. Every stage is a perfect expression.

So what we see as “problems” in ourselves or the world, is a perfect expression.

How can the world be perfect if there’s so much pain?

But you may wonder how can the world be perfect if there’s so much pain, problems & suffering?

The world is perfect because it’s fulfilling its purpose perfectly.

Think of it this way: What’s the purpose of a mirror?

It is to reflect back reality.

That reality may be pleasant or unpleasant. Either way, the mirror is doing a perfect job.

Similarly, the purpose of this world is not to always make us happy, but for us to know God through his attributes.

And we cannot know His attributes without experiencing contrast. You cannot know what is:

  • White without experiencing black.
  • Forgiveness without experiencing abuse.
  • Ease without experiencing hardship

Hence the pain and suffering is not a sign of an imperfect world. This world is giving us contrast, to help us know God.

And it is through this knowledge, we move in the direction of our highest potential.

How do I deal with my pain?

It starts with being aware that the pain is not wrong. It’s a perfect expression.

To move beyond the pain, the question to ourselves, is “What quality do I need to be (or express) at this moment?”

This is different from asking “How do I fix this problem?” Because that question inherently assumes something is wrong, and hence needs to be fixed.

How does this perspective change the way we look at the world?

When I look at the world from this perspective I find that it affects all areas of my life.

  • How I look at myself
  • My kids
  • My business

When my ego tells me I’m not good enough, I can remind myself that a perfect God has created a perfect me. It’s ok that I cannot meet my ego’s standard. I can stop running behind a mirage (ie ego’s standard of perfection), and take action that taps into my God-given internal potential.

It changes the way I parent. Like every seed has the potential to grow into a tree given the right conditions and time period, the same applies to our kids. I can see them as perfect expressions at every stage. Instead of rushing and pushing them to achieve some ideal, I can focus my attention on the conditions I provide my children and give them the time to blossom.

Instead of trying to fix my business so that it reaches some unending goal for profits, I can build it to see what purpose it wants to express in this world.

Next time you find yourself thinking that there’s something wrong with you, remind yourself that a perfect God has created a perfect you. You don’t need fixing. Inside you is this awesome power to reflect Divine qualities. In that remembrance, you’ll be able to access a vast power that will express itself at the right time.

Cover Page of our next book – 40 Sufi Comics Volume 2

Our blog has been quiet for the last several months, but we’ve been working hard behind the scenes to publish our next book “40 Sufi Comics – Volume 2”.

We just finalized the cover page!

This book will be a collection of 40 Sufi Comics, along with verses of the Qur’an and reflections from us (Arif & Ali).

We will be officially launching the book on November 16th at Comic-Con Bangalore.ย 

Soon after it’ll be available for sale internationally on Amazon and our website.

Keep watching this space.ย More updates coming soon!

The Most Beloved Hearts

Sufi Comics: The Most Beloved Hearts

Sufi Comics: The Most Beloved Hearts

The Prophet (SAW) said, โ€˜Allah, most High, has receptacles on the earth, and verily they are the hearts. The most beloved of hearts to Allah are the softest ones, the purest ones, and the firmest ones: those that are the softest to their brothers, those that are the most pure from sins, and those that are the firmest [at containing] the essence of Allah.โ€™

Vessels of Wisdom

Sufi Comics - Vessels of Wisdom

Sufi Comics – Vessels of Wisdom

Prophet Jesus (AS) said, โ€˜As long as the hearts are not punctured with desires and polluted with greed and hardened by bounties, they will be vessels of wisdom’

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Sufi Comics: Sit With 3 Kinds of People

Sufi Comics: Sit With 3 Kinds of People

They asked โ€˜Isa (โ€˜a), ‘With whom shall we sit, O Spirit of Allah?’ ‘With one the sight of whom reminds you of Allah,’ he replied, ‘and whose speech increases you in knowledge, and whose actions make you desire the next world.’

Beloved of 2 Worlds

Sufi Comics: Beloved of 2 Worlds

Sufi Comics: Beloved of 2 Worlds

A man said to the Messenger of God, “Tell me of some actions I could do which would make me beloved of Allah in heaven and beloved of the people on earth. He replied, “Desire what is with Allah, and Allah will love you, and do without what is with the people, and they will love you

Who’s Intelligent

Sufi Comics: Who's Intelligent

Sufi Comics: Who’s Intelligent

The messenger said, “The Intelligent person is he who sees faults in his self, and acts for the hereafter; the stupid person is he whose self pursues its desires and who thinks he is bestowing favors upon Allah.” ~ Book Prophetic Traditions in Islam

Nobility of Character

Sufi Comics: The Nobility of Character

Sufi Comics: The Nobility of Character

When a man asked the Prophet to explain nobility of character to him, he replied, “It means that you should forgive him who has wronged you, reestablish ties with him who has broken them off, give to him who has denied you something, and tell the truth even if it is against your own interests.” ~ Book Prophetic Traditions in Islam

The Ultimate Destination

Sufi Comics - The Ultimate Destination

Sufi Comics – The Ultimate Destination

“Visit Graves and by this remind yourself of the next world. Wash the dead and your heart will be moved, for surely an empty body is a profound lesson. Pray over the dead and perhaps it will make you sad, for surely the sad person is close to Allah.” ~ Imam Ali (Book: Sayings & Wisdom of Imam Ali)

Man’s Big Plans

Prophet (‘S) took three sticks and set one of them in front of him, another one next to it, and the third far away from the two. He then asked, ‘Do you know what this is?’ to which they replied, ‘Allah and His Messenger know better.’ He said, ‘This one is man, and this is death [next to it], while that one is expectation, which man entertains [about his long life], but death falls upon him prior to his expectation.’

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