40 Sufi Comics is now available on Amazon.com

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40 Sufi Comics on Amazon.com

I’m pleased to share the news that 40 Sufi Comics book is now available to purchase on Amazon.com! If you’ve enjoyed reading Sufi Comics, please take out the time to write a review. Those you’ve requested for a free copy of the book, this week I’ll be shipping them to you. I still have some free copies left, so it’s still not late to ask for one. 🙂

How does one publish a book on Amazon.com?

Steps to Publish a book using CreateSpace
Steps to Publish a book using CreateSpace

Those of you who have been dreaming to publish a book, I would urge you to go for it! It’s a very rewarding experience and has never been this easy! Several people asked me how I got the book on Amazon.  I’m outlining here a high level view of the steps:

* Once the content of your book is ready the first thing you need to do is to decide which digital publisher you need to approach. There are 2 big ones: Lulu.com & CreateSpace.com. I did some research and found both of them competitive, but decided to go with CreateSpace.com ’cause it’s an Amazon.com company and therefore the fastest route to get your book on Amazon.

* Once you’re registered with CreateSpace (it’s free), they ask you details about the book you want to publish (name, author, description, genre etc).

* Then you need to decide & inform the Physical properties of the book. This would include the page size, number of pages, type of cover. At the end of the process an ISBN number will be assigned to the book.

* With the above details in place, CreateSpace will ask you to upload 2 PDF files. One for the Interior pages, the other for the Cover page. This was the most time consuming step for me ’cause I had to constantly adjust the margin space, and page arrangements to meet their requirements. My skills in Graphic Design came in use here. If would be useful to have a friend with design skills to help in taking you through this step.

* After you’ve uploaded the PDF files as per their specifications, they will ship (at your cost) a ‘Proof’ copy of the book. If it looks good, you’ll need to approve it.  Below are photographs of the Sufi Comics Proof Copy:

* Now you’re almost through. Setup the selling price of the book. CreateSpace will charge a fixed cost per print, whatever you sell your book for above that price is your Royalty! So if CreateSpace charges a fix cost of $5 per copy, and if you set the selling price as $9, then you will receive $4 for each sale.

Once you’ve entered the Sales Information, then in approximately a week’s time you’ll find that your book is available for the world to buy on Amazon.com!

Never in history has it been this easy for an individual to publish a book with the largest distributor in the world!



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