Get your name written in Arabic Calligraphy + get signed copies of Sufi Comics books!

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Get your name written in Calligraphy

Get your name written in Calligraphy


Get signed copy of Sufi Comics books

Get signed copy of Sufi Comics books

Calling out to all bloggers!

Do you enjoy expressing yourself through words? Have a favourite Sufi Comic and could share your thoughts with us?

We’re giving away some exciting prizes in our first ever giveaway!

All you need to do is to blog in no less than 100 words, on your favorite Sufi Comic.Β Here are some examples:

Step 1:

Browse through the comics by visiting:

Step 2:

Share your reflections on any one comic of your choice on your Blog, with a link back to the comic.

Step 3:

Fill the form below by 31st January 2014.


The top 5 most insightful posts will be selected for the Prizes:

  1. Signed copies of Sufi Comics books (shipped anywhere in the world)
  2. Their name in Arabic Calligraphy by Muqtar Ahmed, one of India’s finest Islamic Calligraphers

Enter the Giveaway here!

Winners will be contacted to share their Name & Postal address to send the Prizes.

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