[Reflection] Eman Eid on the blessings taken for granted and the treasure of contentment

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Sufi Comics - The Headache

Sufi Comics – The Headache

Have you ever found yourself taking for granted the simple blessings in life? Sufficient food, clean water, education, or even a roof over our heads. The month of Ramadan was a month to rethink, revalue and reflect on one’s blessings. As we bid farewell to the month of Ramadan for another year, Eman Eid reflects on these blessings in life and what we can learn from the challenges we face.

This Sufi Comic: The Headache, made me realize how great our life really is. It describes how a man has a bad headache and how he questions why God has done this to him. But what he doesn’t take into consideration is how God has kept him well for 30 years, still he hasn’t thanked Him for doing so. Instead the man complains rather than thanking God for all He does for him.

In today’s society we are often blinded by other peoples luxuries that we cannot see and be thankful for what we have. We complain over small things when others would kill to live the way we do. We complain because we don’t have the best clothes, yummiest food, or even that we might have the most homework. What we don’t realize is that some people are less fortunate than we are and might not even have clothes on their back, or food to eat, or even a book to read. We are showered with treasures and only crave more.

How foolish we are that we complain and never even stop to think that we have it all and should be thankful for all we have. God has given us so much and if only we can realize that He does what He does for the benefit of us. We might go through situations that seem unfair and we ask God why has He done this to us but it is actually to cure us.

I took an anatomy and physiology class last fall and I struggled to get an A on my exams. I studied and I studied and I was so upset that I couldn’t even earn at least a B on one of the exams. I prayed to get an A on at least one of them. But I was left disappointed in the end. I started to ask God why I had not achieved an A after I studied and prayed so much. I felt so cheated and stupid because my other classmates would get A’s easily. But then I realized that God does what He does for a reason.  I learned that a smooth sea does not make a skillful sailor. I had to work harder to earn my grades and I was the one at fault and I realized my faults.

The point is that we should not complain but rather thank God Almighty for all He does for us. He has the power to do anything yet He does all to teach us lessons in the end. Allah tests us with problems to see how we can handle them with His guidance. It is most certainly true that “Allah does not burden a soul beyond that it can bear.”

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