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Sufi Comics: Rumi

Reconnect with your soul.

And Immerse yourself in Spiritual Wisdom.

Mawlana Jalaluddin Rumi, a 13th century poet, crafted spiritual wisdom, in the most beautiful of poems and stories.

Rumi uses common objects in his poetry to convey his message. An elephant, an artist, pearls, shepherds, dragons and chickpeas. These were the objects in Rumi’s poems.

Because they’re so familiar & his message so universal, that even in today’s modern age, anyone reading Rumi will find something they can relate to.

Sufi Comics presents Rumi

An enriching collection of Rumi’s poems in graphic form.

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The Comics are richly illustrated in a style that resembles the Turkish-Iranian miniatures.

Along with the English Translation, the poems are presented in the original language they were written in, Farsi (Persian).

Every story is followed by sacred verses of the Qur’an and traditional sayings from Islamic literature.

Each of the Quranic verses & sayings are inscribed by Muqtar Ahmed, one of India’s finest Islamic calligraphers.

What people say

Putting it briefly, Sufi Comics Rumi does not stop at just being a delightful read, but that it goes all the way down to the soul, once again reminding us of the empty nature of this transient life, and while we pursue the mirages of our dreams, the only thing that holds weight and true happiness, is God himself!
Mohammed Baqir Sadiq

“Go ahead and read this wonderfully illustrated and spiritually illuminating tales from Rumi – in the comic form. I recommend this book to everyone who wants to read “Comics for the soul”.
Syed Khadri

Sufi Comics, on the other hand, has captured the essence of Rumi’s message in their latest book in which there are many thought-provoking reminders for us to reflect on.

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Nurture Your Soul with Spiritual Wisdom

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