A Sneak Peek of the Rumi Origins Story

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On September 30 1207 a boy was born to Bahā ud-Dīn Walad and Mu’mina Khātūn, in the City of Balkh in Afghanistan.

Little did they know what extraordinary and influential personality, the boy would grow up to be.

There is no question that Rumi has inspired and influenced millions of people across the world with his spiritual legacy. His writings about the spiritual journey have resonated with people from all walks of life, transcending national, cultural and ethnic borders.

But how did Rumi become Rumi? What were the events in his life that caused an out pour of such spiritual wisdom?

We didn’t just want to include Rumi’s poems in the book, but also introduce his renowned character behind the universal pearls of wisdom.

Below you can find out the answers by reading his story in thumbnails.

The final artwork will be in the book. Do let us know what you think!




Click here to view the full story in thumbnails.

View 3 Chapters from the book for free



Sufi Comics: Rumi


  1. this is lovely.i would like to suggest that for online book ,if you could play a back ground music (Sufi music).it will be amazing .Thank you:)

  2. A thoughtful and meaningful venture! looking forward to this.


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