No Flexibility in 3 Things

by | Jul 29, 2017 | Newsletter, Sufi Comics | 3 comments

No Flexibility in 3 Things - Sufi Comics

No Flexibility in 3 Things – Sufi Comics

‘There are three things regarding which Allah, the Exalted, did not allow any flexibility: returning a trust to its owner, be he good or wicked; keeping one’s agreement with both the good and the wicked; and kindness to one’s parents whether they be good or wicked.’ Imam Muhammad Baqir (‘a)


  1. Amazing work

  2. Can you please explain further what is meant by returning trust to its owner?

  3. It has been a while. I give thanks that there are still people who cherish the teaching that ‘Allah in “your” world and Jesus in “ours” desire that we first love one another. May all that is good go with you!


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