How Poor People Live

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What is wealth? True wealth. Is it Sprawling Mansions, Stately Gowns, Uber-luxurious food? Or is it having a good nights sleep, being well-nourished, being loved?

This remarkable story puts true wealth in perspective. The kind father hopes to teach the son lesson in fulfillment instead is shown a beautiful lesson in perspective and gratitude.

I can so relate to this story. You see, I am constantly learning from my beautiful children. By the simple yet profound questions they ask. Their observations and their comments.

Sometimes just a simple Why from my son or daughter, leaves me stunned and speechless. Why indeed am I doing what I’m doing? Is it purposeful and meaningful? If so, what is the purpose and meaning? Or is it purely out of blind habit? Or to have acceptance of those around me?

Thanks to my children, I am pushed to a better version of myself constantly. Just like the father is in this story.

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How Poor People Live

How Poor People Live


  1. Beautiful wisdom in this. Thank you for creating and sharing!

  2. Beautiful lesson, dear Brother πŸ™‚ I would like to share it on facebook πŸ™‚

  3. Beautiful and so true!

  4. I love these Sufi comics. Beautiful. I wish they had them in the bookstore near me. Bless you in your work.



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