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We often feel that by giving away our wealth we’re becoming poor, but infact we’re getting in return something of higher value. There’s a Hadith of Imam Ali (as) with a similar theme that says “Do business with God by giving Charity”.


  1. Yesterday evening a worker in my office read the newspaper and cursed a particular politician/businessman about whom it was in the papers that this man indulging in illegal business of some kind donated the most expensive gift in centuries to a particularly well known temple. After donating the gift, this politician/businessman well known to be indulging an illegal business went on to say that he donated the wealth to God in return for wealth God has showered on him. This got me wondering whether the mere act of giving something away qualifies as a Good Deed??

    (For obvious reasons I am not naming the businessman/politician or the business they do nor the temple where they donated their expensive gift)

    • Hi Gauresh,

      I don’t think it does, I doubt that God approves of the Robin Hood approach. One of the Sufi Comics discusses this theme: Justifying Wrong Actions.

      take care,
      Mohammed Ali



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