Why doesn’t God do something?

by | Apr 12, 2011 | Sufi Comics | 6 comments

This is our first comic after publishing 40 Sufi Comics (Volume 1). Inshallah this comic will be part of 40 Sufi Comics (Volume 2) 🙂

The comic above is one of my favourite parables, and has had a profound effect on me. We often complain that why doesn’t God do something about the poor in the world (ie the beggar), or the oppressed, eg the Palestinans (ie the beaten) or the crippled. Well He did do something. He created me and you. All of us put together have sufficient resources to make a significant difference in the world. We should now talk the talk less and walk the walk more.

“Allah does not change the condition of a people until they change their own condition” – Quran (13:11)

Have We not given him two eyes,
And a tongue and two lips,
And pointed out to him the two conspicuous ways?
But he would not attempt the uphill road,
And what will make you comprehend what the uphill road is?
(It is) the setting free of a slave,
Or the giving of food in a day of hunger
To an orphan, having relationship,
Or to the poor man lying in the dust.
Then he is of those who believe and charge one another to show patience, and charge one another to show compassion.
 – Quran (90:8-17)

“We are the luckiest people that ever lived; we have abundantly and manifestly the capacity to address human problems if we care. It is a matter of vision and courage and compassion.” -RAMSEY CLARK


  1. MashAllah a wonderful parable, and so well rendered in your comic. Please continue the good work.

    • Thank You Mesba. Yes, it’s a very powerful story indeed. I recall this each time I am faced with the dilemma on whether to assist or not.

  2. Thank you brothers for this amazing site may Allah reward and keep you Amin.

  3. A powerful reminder. It’s too often that we question why unfortunate matters are as they are than actually do something about them.

  4. Great effort….

  5. It is good to hear that the second volume of Sufi Comics is coming… Ill be eagerly waiting for its launch… And to begin the second volume with such a powerful and encouraging comic is truly wonderful… Keep up the good work… May Allah bless you…


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