🎁 The Gift of Pain

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When we suffer, our heart calls out to God:

“Why is there so much pain?”

“Why are you doing this to me?”

“How can an All-Compassionate God put me through this trouble?”

These are good questions, and we shouldn’t ignore them. Because asking questions with sincere intent are ways for us to elevate our understanding of ourselves and our role in the world.

So let’s explore why did God allow pain in this world? And I hope to show you that pain in this world can be a gift

Gaining this insight will not reduce your pain, but will allow you to handle your life challenges with more peace & wisdom.

Let’s start by asking why have we come into this world? Did God force us to come? Did he push us here?

The Qur’an says that God offered the journey into this world as an opportunity, and we made the choice to come into this world.

We offered the trust to Heaven and Earth, and to the mountains too, yet they refused to carry it, and shrank back from it. However man accepted itQuran (33:72)

We made this choice to achieve a higher spiritual state by reflecting God’s qualities.

And the ability to reflect God’s qualities comes when we experience its opposite. God’s attributes include Love, Mercy & Peace.

To reflect them in our actions we need to experience its opposite.

  • To know Love, you need to experience hate
  • To know Mercy, you need to experience cruelty
  • To know Peace, you need to experience conflict

Therefore when you experience pain in whatever form, ask yourself “Where is the opportunity here for me to reflect God’s qualities?” or “Which of God’s qualities can I be in this situation?”

And reflecting God’s qualities our souls will evolve.

This reaching of a higher spiritual state is the reward we get through affliction.

When we die, all our problems, life circumstances, and the pain we went through will become just memory.

The most important thing we’ll take back from this life is the way we polished the mirror of our souls to reflect God’s light in the circumstances that we face.


  1. So beautiful ❀️

  2. Those who focus on God’s characteristics while under agony are fortunate, for pain can be a double-edged sword for us. We can respond to pain in one of two ways: we can grumble and never turn to Allah, thereby becoming a negative person, or we can turn to Allah, consider the lessons Allah is trying to teach us, and be patient, and as a result, Allah raises our ranks and blesses us with more Iman. Consequently, our love, Khashia, and Tawakkal for Allah SWT grow.

  3. May the blessings of God rest upon you .
    May God’s Peace abide with you .
    May God’s presence illuminate your heart Now and forever more .
    I agree with these sentiments even though they are sometimes very hard to accept. Keep up the good work .

  4. Thank you so much brother for this evocative message. It was a fuel for my soul.
    I shall remain grateful to you for the kind of texts you share with me. May the almighty shower his blessings upon you — always. Take care, and keep up the good work.

    Thanks and Regards,

  5. This was insightful. And very true as I speak from experience.


  6. Interesting.
    Questioning Creator God- Where were you when I laid the foundations of the Earth?
    Can created bring Creator down to ones level?
    Pain- Gods way of drawing people to Him. And forming a Bond.

  7. Beautiful explanation of the opposites with reference to pain and difficult times.


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