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by | May 18, 2022 | Sufi Lines | 7 comments

From our five senses, our eyes give us the most amount of information. But even with more information, we don’t always see things clearly.

Insight is the faculty that helps us perceive the world accurately.

With eyesight, we’ll see the world as separate things
With insight, we’ll see we’re all connected.

With eyesight, we see the purpose of life is to maximize pleasure
With insight, we see the purpose of life is to express our gifts.

With eyesight, we see life ends when we die
With insight, we see life as a dream, when we die we wake up.

With eyesight, we see happiness is based on material objects
With insight, we see happiness is based on thoughts we have.

With eyesight, we see well-being in taking care of ourselves over others
With insight, we see well-being comes from taking care of the whole.

With eyesight, we see peace comes from fixing the world
With insight, we see peace comes by making peace with ourselves.

With eyesight, we see the heart as a blood-pumping organ
With insight, we see the heart as an organ of perception.

With eyesight, we see problems need to be avoided at all cost
With insight, we see problems as opportunities for spiritual growth.

With eyesight, we see faults in other people
With insight, we see perfection in everyone.

‘Certainly, insights have come to you from your Lord. So whoever sees, it is to the benefit of his own soul, and whoever remains blind, it is to its detriment…’ (Quran 6: 104)


  1. This is as thoughtful and inspirational as your other contributions are. We are missing your new book with more enlightening pieces and wisdom for the nurturing souls of our children.

  2. Beautiful and concise reminder.
    JazakAllah khoiran katheeran.

  3. Very Powerful! I always look forward to your sharings. Thank You for your Insight.

  4. Love this! I’m a Practicing Buddhist and must say this definitely resonates Buddhist thinking.

  5. Masha’Allah. Nicely put together. Jazak Allah Khairan

  6. With Eyes of the Heart, one may develop Light, Discernment,
    and not limited to Perception.
    One may be limited by physical Sight only.

  7. Wisdom 101 brother.Thanks


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