Sufi Comics is used as teachings materials in Schools, Madrasahs (Islamic Schools), Universities & other educational institutions around the world. Several Libraries have stocked the 40 Sufi Comics book.

Some feedback we’ve received from the Madrasahs:

“I am a teacher at the Tawheed School in Melbourne, Australia. I would like you to know that these cartoons have been very useful in our Islamic Education Classes at our Saturday School. We have used so many different cartoons and they are always a great hit with the students.”

“I’m a teacher at the West Madrasah in Toronto, Canada. I recently came across 40 Sufi Comics and I think it’s great! I’m writing because I’m considering ordering approximately 120 copies of 40 Sufi Comics for young children at my Madrasah.”

“I’m a teacher here in reunion island Madressa and i’d like to translate those comics in French Can you allow me to do that only fi sabillihah and no personal profit.”
“Our local madrasah (in Ontario) has heavily used Sufi Comics in their diniyat books. Attached is a list of all the comics used and where in the books. The books can be downloaded as PDF files from”

If you would like to use Sufi Comics as part of your Syllabus or buy books in bulk please contact us for a discounted price.

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