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Cover Page of our next book – 40 Sufi Comics Volume 2

Our blog has been quiet for the last several months, but we’ve been working hard behind the scenes to publish our next book “40 Sufi Comics – Volume 2”.

We just finalized the cover page!

This book will be a collection of 40 Sufi Comics, along with verses of the Qur’an and reflections from us (Arif & Ali).

We will be officially launching the book on November 16th at Comic-Con Bangalore

Soon after it’ll be available for sale internationally on Amazon and our website.

Keep watching this space. More updates coming soon!

The Most Beloved Hearts

Sufi Comics: The Most Beloved Hearts
Sufi Comics: The Most Beloved Hearts

The Prophet (SAW) said, ‘Allah, most High, has receptacles on the earth, and verily they are the hearts. The most beloved of hearts to Allah are the softest ones, the purest ones, and the firmest ones: those that are the softest to their brothers, those that are the most pure from sins, and those that are the firmest [at containing] the essence of Allah.’

Nurture Your Soul with Spiritual Wisdom

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