❀️ The heart bears wisdom…

I regret every time I eat until my stomach is full.

It saps my energy.

I can’t think clearly.

The most productive thing to do then is low IQ work or just sleep.

As someone who eats food fast, I realize how I quickly become full without even realizing it.

This is a simple but constant reminder I give myself.

When I eat slowly, and deliberately leave space, I get energy and focus to do meaningful work.

Try it! πŸ™‚

😌 Humility…


What is humility?

I used to think to be humble you have to put yourself down, privately and publicly. It’s something that you do by sharing your shortcomings in conversations.

However on further reflection, it seems by criticizing yourself you’re trying to show people how “humble” you are.

Is that really humility? It seems like pride disguised as humility.

It reminds of a quote I once read: “Don’t act so humble; you not that great.”

A man who overtly criticizes himself, is secretly praising himself. ~ Imam Ali

So what is humility?

I don’t think we need to “be humble.” Humility is a natural result of recognizing the truth, that God is the originator of all good. We merely reflect God’s attributes.

Humility will naturally arise as a way of life, by bringing this truth in our awareness.

πŸ‘¨πŸΎβ€πŸ€β€πŸ‘¨πŸ» Friends…


Beyond our differences of nationality, looks, culture & beliefs we are all related to each other at the level of our soul. 

And when the purpose & values of two friends are aligned, it’s like they are a single soul operating in two different bodies.

Two friends are a single soul, divided between different bodies. ~ Imam Ali

πŸ‘€ Where to find wealth…

I’m trying out something new by creating images from inspiring quotes. Have a look…


God revealed unto Prophet David, β€œI put wealth in contentment, while they see it in abundance of wealth but do not find it.”

Cover Page of our next book – 40 Sufi Comics Volume 2

Our blog has been quiet for the last several months, but we’ve been working hard behind the scenes to publish our next book “40 Sufi Comics – Volume 2”.

We just finalized the cover page!

This book will be a collection of 40 Sufi Comics, along with verses of the Qur’an and reflections from us (Arif & Ali).

We will be officially launching the book on November 16th at Comic-Con Bangalore.Β 

Soon after it’ll be available for sale internationally on Amazon and our website.

Keep watching this space.Β More updates coming soon!

The Most Beloved Hearts

Sufi Comics: The Most Beloved Hearts

Sufi Comics: The Most Beloved Hearts

The Prophet (SAW) said, β€˜Allah, most High, has receptacles on the earth, and verily they are the hearts. The most beloved of hearts to Allah are the softest ones, the purest ones, and the firmest ones: those that are the softest to their brothers, those that are the most pure from sins, and those that are the firmest [at containing] the essence of Allah.’

Vessels of Wisdom

Sufi Comics - Vessels of Wisdom

Sufi Comics – Vessels of Wisdom

Prophet Jesus (AS) said, β€˜As long as the hearts are not punctured with desires and polluted with greed and hardened by bounties, they will be vessels of wisdom’

Sit With 3 Kinds of People

Sufi Comics: Sit With 3 Kinds of People

Sufi Comics: Sit With 3 Kinds of People

They asked β€˜Isa (β€˜a), ‘With whom shall we sit, O Spirit of Allah?’ ‘With one the sight of whom reminds you of Allah,’ he replied, ‘and whose speech increases you in knowledge, and whose actions make you desire the next world.’

Beloved of 2 Worlds

Sufi Comics: Beloved of 2 Worlds

Sufi Comics: Beloved of 2 Worlds

A man said to the Messenger of God, “Tell me of some actions I could do which would make me beloved of Allah in heaven and beloved of the people on earth. He replied, “Desire what is with Allah, and Allah will love you, and do without what is with the people, and they will love you

Who’s Intelligent

Sufi Comics: Who's Intelligent

Sufi Comics: Who’s Intelligent

The messenger said, “The Intelligent person is he who sees faults in his self, and acts for the hereafter; the stupid person is he whose self pursues its desires and who thinks he is bestowing favors upon Allah.” ~ Book Prophetic Traditions in Islam

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