(Last few days left) Enter our Giveaway to win your name in Arabic Calligraphy and Sufi Comics books!

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The deadline of 31st Jan 2014 is approaching for our first ever Giveaway. We are giving out some great prizes for those who enter.

  1. Signed copies of Sufi Comics books (shipped anywhere in the world)
  2. Their name in Arabic Calligraphy by Muqtar Ahmed, one of India’s finest Islamic Calligraphers
Get your name written in Calligraphy

Get your name written in Calligraphy

Get signed copies of Sufi Comics books

Get signed copies of Sufi Comics books

To enter, all you need to do is to blog in no less than 100 words on your  favorite Sufi Comic on your blog, with a a link back to the comic.

Step 1:

Browse through the comics by visiting: http://www.suficomics.com/category/sufi-comics/

Step 2:

Share your reflections on any one comic of your choice on your Blog, with a link back to the comic.

Step 3:

Fill in this form by 31st January 2014.

Snippets of entries we’ve received

We’ve received some beautiful and insightful entries. Here are some snippets:

The Headache 

“This comic made me realize how great our life really is. What we don’t realise is that some people are less fortunate than we are, and might not even have clothes on their back, or food to eat, or even a book to read.”

Why doesn’t God do something? 

“This got me thinking. What have I done to help out, or improve society? What have I done to make the world a better place? Using the resources that God has given us, our hands, our minds, and our hearts for a good cause can definitely put out out a positive energy.”

A Visit to Hell 

“The stories of Bahlool are insightful and profound. For me they hold a special relevance living in the West…This is a perfect illustration of the theological concept of the embodiment of deeds that will occur in the next life.”


“Unconditional, filled with sacrifice, far beyond defining, one can never be thankful enough and understand the depth of a mothers love… The above Sufi Comic reminds us of how much a mother does for her child and her importance in Islam.”

So don’t miss out and enter today! 


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