Ever since I started working on Sufi Comics, I’ve always wondered if there were similar initiatives of sharing Islamic culture or values through the medium of comics.

What do I mean by Islamic Comics?

By “Islamic comics” I’m referring to those comics that have stories based on Islamic themes or culture.  It does not mean that these comics are drawn as per the tenents of the Islamic faith.

So after doing a bit of research online I’ve made a collection of Islamic Comics:

The 99

The 99 is a creation of Dr Naif Al-Mutawa. The comic book features characters & stories based on Islamic Culture. The popularity of the comics gained momentum when Dr Naif gave a talk at the TED conference.

The concept of the 99 is based on the 99 names of Allah. Each of the super heroes embody a particular attribute that gives them super powers that they use to fight evil in the world.

Prophecy Comics

Based in Australia, the stories in these comics are directly inspired by Quranic Themes. When reading through the comics, direct verses of the Quran are taken and woven in the story. The overall theme of these comics are on the battle between good and evil.

The first issue begins with the creation of Universe, angels, jinns & mankind. In the battle between Good & Evil, man has been put under trial to make the right choices. View Trailer 1 & Trailer 2. Books also available on Amazon Kindle & Android Play. Check out our interview with founder Soner Coruhlu.

Comics by Tuffix

A series of short biographical comics by German based artist Soufeina Hamed. She focuses on everyday experiences as a Muslim. I personally enjoy these comics a lot.  Check out our interview with the Artist.


Defines itself as “An American Muslim Webcomic”.  This one is really funny. Short stories in the lives of young American Muslims. Themes include Ramadan, marriage, prayer, MSA, mosque activities and more.

The Muslim Show

Similar to Superhanallah above, the Muslim Show humorously illustrates the daily life of a Muslim in his life everyday and religious practice. It’s published in France & directed by NorĂ©dine Allam. The comics can be read on Facebook. They’ve got a an iOS app as well.

Warrior Saints

The objective of  brothers Ilyas & Atiq to produce these comics was to make available entertainment with moral values.  The stories are fictional but the values have been inspired from the Qur’an and Hadith.  An example of lessons from their stories can be found here.


Qahera Web Comic is created by Egyptian – Deena Mohammed.  Qahera is a female Burkha clad super hero(ine) fighting crime & prejudice. In these short one page comics she combats misogyny and islamophobia.


The stories of the Muslim super hero Buraaq take place in the modern city of Nova.  Buraaq is like a devout Muslim Superman.  He can fly, has super human strength. Buraaq’s values are inspired from Islam & he uses his super powers to fight crime.  Check out the first two issues that are available to download for free. Read our interview with the founder Adil Imtiaz.

The Muslim Comic

An islamically oriented children’s cartoon about a Muslim family of four: Dad, Mom, Hani and Huda. The stories aim to share moral lessons through everyday interactions. The comics are available to read online in English & Urdu, and a digital version can also be purchased. Read the comics online.

Life with the Ahmad Family 

Life with the Ahmad Family is a brand of Hiba magazine illustrated by Absar Kazmi. It comprises a series of comics, one-liners and Islamic reminders oftentimes wrapped in a humorous package.  Check out our interview with the Artist. 

Noor Kids 

Noor Kids is an activity book series for young Muslims, aiming to build confidence in their Muslim identities. The series was inspired by the need to create something fun and engaging that promotes Islamic education for the youth, triggered by the authors’ own experiences growing up in the challenging North American environment. Check out a free sample here. 

Salam Comics

Salam Comics are stories based on Islamic values, which aims to inspire dialogue between people of different cultures and counter negative media and pervasive stereotypes surrounding Muslims.

Muslim Manga

True Story Comics


Am I missing any site?

I’m aiming for this page to be a complete collection of links to Islamic Comic resources. If you feel something is missing, please contact me

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