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In Search of Water-1

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I first heard this story in one of the lectures of Sheikh Arif.  What a beautiful story.  Since then I have quoted it often in conversations and speeches.  It explains so well the  Omnipresence of the Creator.

Truly if God is present everywhere, the questions “Where is God?” and “How is God?” are faulty questions.  As Imam Ridha responded, “He determined the “Where” and fashioned the “How”.  He was, when there was no “where” and no “how”.  He is not known through sense perceptions.    He has no body & no abode. He is the Hidden & the Manifest, the Distant & the Near.  Eyes cannot see Him but He is visible…to our heart & mind.”


  1. Beautifully illustrated mashallah. At times when I have my doubts on my concept of Allah, I recall how Allah is greater than what we think of Him. But now a days I wonder: if that is so, then what exactly am I connecting with in my worship? Where am I directing my Love to? At times an answer I get is that one needs to know Allah by the Heart as the Mind can pose infinite number of concepts of Allah. But then I struggle with that exactly means. Sometimes it makes sense and other times it doesn’t. I acknowledge that these questions are part of my growth in the spiritual path and if I listen to them without attachment, my concept of spirituality and Allah will expand. On the one hand, I am not willing to leave my faith or my belief in Allah in general but on the other I feel like a hypocrite doing my prayers and acts of worship without feeling what exactly am I connecting to.

  2. That is quite honestly the first thing I’ve ever read that makes me glad to be human. Sounds stnrgae, but usually I see my humanity as more of a burden, a barrier between me and the world because of the expectations and mindsets that come with being human and being raised to think in certain terms. But that poem made me revel in being human and experiencing things that humans experience.Here’s one of my favorite poems ever:Ancient BeautyI am the glowing embers of a dying fire,An icy wind blowing across northern wastes,The knee-deep sludge of a marshy mire,An errant knight who rides in haste.I am the softness of feathered down,The wailing cries of sea gulls on the heights,The majesty of a flowing gown,An assassin’s stealth, a warrior’s might.I am the spirits of sailors, bound for new shores,The wrath and fury of a mighty gale,The straining of muscles and creaking of oars,The billowing of an unfurled sail.I am the twinkling of stars in the sky above,The pale grey light of the crescent moon,The “I wish” of one in need of love,The glowing rays of the sun at noon.I am the towering strength of the highest mountain,The suppleness of well-tanned leather,The burbling murmur of a silver fountain,The lightness of a wind-borne feather,Once, in ages past, they called me beautiful.Now they just call me cliche. – Daniel PerettI found it in an old magazine called Virginia Writing that showcases young artists of all sorts. Someone had tossed the magazine in the trash. There were dozens of them, most of which came home with me. I get all dreamy and wistful when I read it. I’d love to know if the author was still writing. I keep this poem in the front of whatever notebook I’m currently using for my own writing.



  1. Syed Khadri reflects on the omnipresence of the Creator, inspired by Sufi Comic: In Search of Water - […] by the Sufi Comic: In Search of Water, Syed Khadri reflects on the omnipresence of the Creator exploring excerpts…

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