The 9 Commandments

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Sufi Comics: The 9 Commandments

Sufi Comics: The 9 Commandments

The Prophet (peace be upon him and his family) said: My Lord commanded me to adhere to nine things: He commanded me to:

  1. Be sincere when in private and in public,
  2.  Be Just in times of peace and when in rage,
  3. Be moderate in poverty and in abundance,
  4. Be forgiving to him who wrongs me,
  5. Share with him who deprives me (of his bestowals),
  6. Acknowledge him who broke relations with me,
  7. Ponder over things while I am silent,
  8. Mention Him (God) whenever I speak, and
  9. Learn lessons from things that I see.


  1. Sa thank you very much for the wonderful work of conveying the spiritual guidance through the comic medium. MashAllah
    May I request you to kindly state the references for the various quotations you make eg the reference for the hadith of the prophet (My Lord commanded me to adhere to nine things: …) And where possible to have the quote also stated in the Arabic format either by transliteration or the Arabic scripts.
    Duas for your increased tawfiqat.

    • Thank you for your prayers! 🙂
      This hadith has been taken from the book “Tuhuf Al Uqool” from the section “Short Maxims of the Prophet.”


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