The Stranger

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Imam Ali was the Caliph of the Muslim Community from 656 to 661. Like the anecdote above there are several examples of Imam’s excellence in leadership and governance. He has written an excellent piece of document which is now called as “The Richest Treasure“. It’s a letter written to the Governor of Egypt Malik al-Ashtar, giving details on the duties and rights of the ruler, taking into account the various classes in society.

The message in the letter is timeless. The United Nations urged the Arab nations to use that letter as a model. It even makes for an excellent Corporate Bible for Managers & Entrepreneurs.


  1. He was not Imam Ali but rather Omar ben Al Khattab in this story no ?!!!

  2. As an American of Christian background I have never heard of this letter before. It is amazing to read, centuries ahead of its time. It’s like Washington’s farewell address or an address by Churchill. Thank you

  3. salams,
    for some reason it didn’t seem correct that Imam Ali would be responsible for neglecting…i found a different version here (
    which says that the husband was a kharijiite who died fighting against Imam Ali.
    Anyhow, great work ! JazakAllah

  4. AA Ali,

    Brilliant effort Bro. Arif mentioned to me the delight he gets watching you create these. Any idea of publishing an e-book for easy kid reading?


  5. Thanks Masroor bhai. Inshallah if we’re able to do a bunch of comics, having an ebook of the collection will be great.

  6. Its amazing the power of Strangers and Unknown people. I have personally experienced this and the the Caliph’s story rightly brings about the message that strangers(men of God) sometimes come really unexpected to offer small help which can turn out to be something really BIG in the long run.

  7. Hello Everyone, I’m new on here and looking forward to being a part of the conversation .


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