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Where does Wisdom come from?

This is the 40th Sufi Comic,Ā Alhamdulliah! šŸ™‚ I didn’t think I’d reach this number when I started Sufi Comics. Thank you all for your encouragement and feedback! You guys made it possible to reach this milestone.

It’s been a learning experience since I drew theĀ first comic. Inshallah we’ll be working on compiling all these comics into an e-book.

Mohammed Ali Vakil



An E-book would be tremendous. Keep up the good work!


Sufi Comics: Where does Wisdom come from?
Sufi Comics: Where does Wisdom come from?
Sufi comics is not a comic but it is a reality better change the word comic
In that title we have come to know many lessons so I do not agree it is a comic


Hearty congratulations on your 40th Comic, Arifji & Aliji. Huge River starts with a humble beginning and am sure your noble endeavor of enhancing fairness & goodness will culminate in the Ocean of success & joy. All the very best and with Warm Regards, HRG (H.R.Girish)

Mohamed Ali Jinnah

Sufi Comics: Where does Wisdom come from?

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