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by | Oct 24, 2020 | Sufi Lines | 12 comments

I regret every time I eat until my stomach is full.

It saps my energy.

I can’t think clearly.

The most productive thing to do then is low IQ work or just sleep.

As someone who eats food fast, I realize how I quickly become full without even realizing it.

This is a simple but constant reminder I give myself.

When I eat slowly, and deliberately leave space, I get energy and focus to do meaningful work.

Try it! 🙂


  1. Salaam my brother from your long-time Merikani friend Roy.

    I have found what you’ve written to be so true! About a year ago, I asked myself, “Why am I in such a hurry to eat?” I am 72 years old, and my time is spent doing my writing, and in helping those whom I can. At the very least, I can savor the food for which I give thanks. If it is given to us by God, He did not give us foul-tasting fare! And, from that small lesson I have learned how it applies to everything that I do: WHY hurry to finish my chores? They will always be there and they are a part of the life we have been given – so I do them with joy. WHY hurry to get away from an annoying neighbor? I can learn from everyone.

    I am not very active on the Internet these days, actively or passively. Life in my home and out in the world is a wonderful gift – if only I take the TIME to see it. Thanks again; be safe, and may all that is good go with you!

    • Thankyou for thoughtful meaning to avoid bad karma

  2. That’s good advice. I eat fast too specially lunch while at work. Dinner is usually more relaxed. But that’s good advice Ali bhai I’ll try and follow it. There’s this guy I follow on IG and he’s a photographer based in Mumbai he has this series called Hallu Hallu which means slow slow – it’s a contrast of how life can be slowed down even in a fast paced city like Mumbai. 🙂 so there’s definite value in slowing down I agree!

  3. Comment

    yes, I actually have the same feeling of inspiration! thanks for raising this..

  4. Good words
    Some make stomach more important than heart.
    Stomach clouds the mind.
    Fasting regularly is best.
    What is put into stomach and mind effects heart.

  5. Oh my God! Your writing Always come and visit me in a timely fashioned . I have just woken up from a slumber after a hearty lunch. I felt so full to the point that I was feeling so uncomfortable. I remember I wa writing something in my diari. I must have dozed off, and now waking up dazzling
    I guess I need to constanly remind myself not to eat until I’m too full. Leave SPACE for water and breathing. Thanks for sharing your thoughts about eating too full.

  6. Thank you for the visual illustration – yes guilty of it myself.

    I need to print this and put it up somewhere that the whole family can see :).

    Peace and blessings upon our beloved Prophet saw.

  7. This is a great sharing and reminder brother!

  8. Eat less sleep less talk less

  9. Well said friend, as one born in cold climes of the nordics, and settled here in warm hospitable bongoland it relates. Salaam.

  10. True to the core .And also i’ve always wondered why Muslims dont show equal enthusiasm in following the Prophet’s hadith about leaving 1/3rd of the belly empty,after eating 1/3rd n drinking 1/3rd?Isn’t that revered saying as equally important and to be followed as much as the ways to perform salah and ablution?Still puzzled!!

  11. This is such a beautiful reminder when people advise me to eat in full amounts ,specially when I am sick.


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