New Book: Sufi Lines – Reflections For Your Spiritual Journey

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I’m very excited to share the launch of our latest book “Sufi Lines.” It’s now available in almost all Amazon stores, both Kindle and paperback.

About the Book

The book’s chapters contain reflections that invite us to think more deeply about how we can face life’s challenges and improve ourselves. Some of the topics explored are:

  • What is true success?
  • What does it mean to be powerful?
  • What is God’s wisdom in giving us pain?
  • How do we face our fears and overcome addictions?
  • What does it mean to cultivate gratitude and humility?

Each chapter has an illustration of a quote along with a verse from the Qur’an. Here are some pages from the book:

The Cover Page

We went through several iterations for the cover page. However, something was missing.

But what?

My mind kept going back to an image of an Islamic Geometric pattern I had seen on Instagram:

It was the first time I had seen a geometric pattern gradually revealing the underlying construction lines. It felt like the pattern was revealing its secrets and showing the invisible principles behind the apparent.

Seeing the image, I got the feeling it’s in some way expressing visually what I’m trying to put in words through the book, that is, exploring deeper meanings of our life’s experiences behind the apparent.

I thought it would be a perfect match for the cover design.

I got in touch with the artist Gillian Turnham, and she was happy to license her work for the book.

Now it’s looking perfect! 😊

Book Launch at Comic-Con Bangalore

On the 19th and 20th of November we launched the book at Comic-Con Bangalore.

It was energizing to meet so many people and discuss Sufi Comics. It’s a real joy to connect with readers face to face. ❀️

After 2 years of lockdown, it feels good to have that human connection again!

Here are some pics of people who got the new book Sufi Lines.

Click here to get the book. I hope you enjoy reading it! 😊


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